Virginia-North Carolina Alliance for Minority Participation

Virtual Summer Opportunities

2020 Virtual Summer Opportunities:


The Virginia–North Carolina Alliance will offer undergraduate STEM students from its partner institutions the three virtual opportunities this summer. Each opportunity presented below outlines the compensation students receive for successfully participating along with an approximate time commitment. Registration links are included underneath each activity. Individuals may decide to sign-up for multiple opportunities. Note: students will be required to fulfill the expectations of each activity before receiving compensation.

Please contact Maurice Walker, Program Coordinator for the VA–NC Alliance, at you have any questions.

Eligibility Requirements:

Students who wish to apply for the opportunities must meet ALL of the following eligibility requirements:

1. Undergraduate students majoring or intending to major in a STEM field (current community college students, first-years, second-years, and third-years only unless stated otherwise). **View qualifying STEM majors here.
2. Enrolled at one of the VA- NC Alliance partner institutions. **View VA-NC Alliance institutions here.
3. United States citizens or permanent residents only.


Click on each opportunity for an overview and sign-up link.