Virginia-North Carolina Alliance for Minority Participation

2011 Summer Research Program

Final Posters and Presentations

CCU Project I: Observational Astronomy (Poster) (Presentation)
“Chemistry of Nitriles in Hot Cores” 
Niklaus Dollhopf, University of Virginia
Megan Hill, Virginia Tech

CCU Project II: Reactive Chemistry (Poster) (Presentation)
“Broadband Nitrile Reaction Screening”
Hanifah Hendricks, University of Virginia
Kiera Matthews, Johnson C. Smith University

CCU Project III: Spectroscopic Analysis & Instrument Design (Poster) (Presentation)
“Creating a 40 – 60 GHz Broadband Microwave Spectrometer”
Kalvin Nellum, Norfolk State University
Michael Pheng, Virginia Tech
Pedro Rodriguez,Virginia Tech